July Leaderboard winner and Leaderboard Point Changes

Ross Co-LeaderTop PvMer posted Aug 1, 17

Congratulations to Emce on winning July's leaderboard with over a 300 point lead on 2nd place! 

The leaderboard will be updated today with new Point values. "Item" brought to our attention that some of the point values given to items weren't scaled properly and has contributed greatly towards making the point values more balanced

To go with the point changes we will be removing and changing how you submit a few items seen below;

  • We have removed Seerculls, Warrior Rings, Mud battlestaves and Dragon Axes.
  • Dragon Pickaxe and 2handers are now specific to the Wilderness boss that drops them, giving them a more accurate point value.

Without Items help this likely wouldn't have happened and the Staff team really appreciates his help.

If you would like to see the previous point values and new point values please visit THIS link

AimQ Still got in 6th with only 11 days of pvming rest skilling, Grats Emce my boi <3
Item Junior Staff :blushes: