As October comes to a close, we want to thank everyone who changed their name for Oblvtober.

There were a good number of people this year that ended up changing their name, and that was really nice to see.


Congratulations to Smithy for winning the October leaderboards with 2,000 points - a new record!

In second place was Trio Elysian with 1,251 points and in third place was Eagles with 879 points.


After our last gear check, we had approximately 80 spaces left over on the friends list for new applicants.

Within 2 weeks we already had enough applications to fill those spots.

Currently, the friends list is completely full.

Please note that applications are still open, and can still be submitted.

However, we will be accepting the applications as space on the friends list becomes available, which happens when someone fails their trial, or when we remove members due to inactivity.

Future Requirement Increases

With how quickly the friends list filled up after the last requirement increase, be prepared for the possibility that the next requirement increase will have to be more of an increase than usual.

While we have not decided on the future requirement changes, like all previous requirement changes, you will have a sufficient period of time in order to attain the new requirements.

Think of this as more of a friendly heads up that you should probably start saving up some GP and working on your EHB.

Oblv Gz midoo ely arcane infernal and 2100 total
Thanks tag Infernal Cape is not going to be a requirement any time soon. If you want a clan with 50-80members there's plenty o...
AGuyWithPants 2200 total will hopefully never happen