February Leaderboard Wrap-up

Congratulations to Emce for winning the February leaderboard with 1,792 points!

In second place was Catreus with 1,313 points and in third place was Baile y with 1,280 points.

Welcome Trialists

Now that the latest gear checks are over, we've got some space on the friends list again, and can once again accept new trialists.

We have around 30 new trialists that will be joining us.

Good luck to all of those new trialists. Hopefully the trialist Twisted Bow luck can continue for you all.

Once again, to all regular clan members, please be sure to leave feedback on the new trialists on their trialist threads as it really does help us when it comes to deciding who is truly fit for the clan.

Infernal Cape Requirement

As of writing this post, we have nearly 150 members in the clan with an Infernal Cape. 

For those of you that have not attempted The Inferno yet, please start to do so as everyone in Oblivion will be required to have the Infernal Cape on October 1, 2018, or Raids 2 release - whichever comes first!

With enough practice, anyone can do it, you just have to put in the effort.

When the time comes, there will be absolutely no exceptions when it comes to being in the clan without an Infernal Cape.

Future Requirements

Please continue to upgrade your armour and weapons and keep working on your EHB, as these are almost guaranteed to rise in the next requirement increase.