November is over, and so is another month of Leaderboard competition.

Congratulations to Lucid Dream for coming in 1st, with 1,007 points.

In 2nd place was Falran with 972 points, and in 3rd place was Trio Elysian with 951 points.

December Gear Checks

Please remember to submit your gear check before the end of December.

You can do so by clicking this link and clicking the submission form at the bottom.

If you do not submit, or do not submit properly, you will find yourself unable to access the clan chat on January 1, 2018.

Holiday Time

We hope you all have a great time this holiday season.

If anyone is traveling for an extended period of time, please let us know so we don't remove you due to inactivity.

Future Applicants

For those of you reading that plan on applying in the future, be aware that our friends list is currently completely full.

After the gear checks at the end of December, we will have space on the friends list again to add applicants.

Applications are still able to be submitted, and we will be accepting applications in the order they are received.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to having you in the clan in 2018.