A Move to Discord

Gurp Gork Co-Leader posted Jun 19, 18

Over the past month or so, we've been slowly transitioning a majority of the functions this offsite was used for over to Discord.

Things such as applications, gear checks, announcements, leaderboards, trialist threads, inventory setups, and rank ups will now strictly be done through Discord with the aid of Google Docs.

This change will enable everything clan related to be done much more quickly, and efficiently in the future. With the added benefit of Discord having such a good phone application, it allows everyone to communicate with one another at any time, instantly.

Assuming things go according to plan, eventually this offsite will likely be slowly phased out until it is no longer needed at all.

It's been a tremendous few years on the offsite, and we're all thankful for all of you helping to keep this offsite as active as it was.

From all of the staff in Oblivion, we want to thank you all for the 5,000+ threads, and the 40,000+ posts you all created collectively as a clan throughout the years. All the various pet and item drop logs, the serious guides and some less than serious, yet hilarious, guides, and everything in between, we really appreciate all the effort that everyone put in to all of their posts and the encouragement you all had for each other.

We are excited for the improvements that the move to Discord and Google Docs will allow us to achieve.

To join our Discord, please click the image below: