A Guide to Oblivion

This is a guide to Oblivion. If you are reading this, then you are likely in the process of applying to the clan. This thread is aimed to be the only thread you need for all the information about Oblivion and how to progress through the clan. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes to read. Please read it thoroughly, or it will be nearly impossible to pass your trial. We will know if you've read it.

Trial Period

When you're accepted to Oblivion you will be added to the clan account as a smiley face and be put on a 2 week trial.

Whilst you're on trial members of Oblivion will be able to comment on a thread made specifically for you, this can be about your PvM ability or your personality/attitude. You want to try and make an effort with members either by PvMing or integrating within the community to the point where they notice as their feedback decides your trial.

What this means is that for your first two weeks in Oblivion you will be judged on how you act, the effort you put into the clan and how much you PvM. To be quite honest it is hard to fail your trial, but since the 16th of August 2015 when we started the trialist system about 40% have failed. This is not to discourage anyone reading, but rather to just point out that as an elite clan, we have a higher fail rate than most. Failing your trial period is not the end of your time with us, and you are welcome to reapply after a month should you be declined. You will be given feedback as to why you failed, should you end up failing, and we strongly encourage you to work on that during the month before reapplying. With the clan list getting nearly full, even with activity checks, it is simply not possible to accept everyone. Don't get discouraged if you do get declined, but come back in a month and prove to us that you truly do belong here.

How you fail your trial is for a small amount of reasons. The main one being that you aren't active enough over the 2 week trial period for us to accept you. Your activity is determined by an Activity Log that you are required to create and update during your trial period, by your offsite activity and by your in game activity, which is monitored by staff during your trial. Roughly 5% of trialists have been declined because of their toxic attitude and we decided they aren't a good fit for Oblivion. You're not only joining a PvM clan, but also a community, where toxicity has no place.

When your trial starts, you must make a rank up thread and follow the template that is provided. Failure to create a rank up thread will result in a decline - no exceptions. Rank up threads will be covered in a later section.

How to Find a Team

With our clan being so active, there are always teams going to different bosses. Whether you have 0 killcount, or 10k killcount at a boss, you'll always be able to find a team to go with you. Even as a trialist you are allowed to create and join any team you want. Finding a team is very simple, but can be confusing for newer members.

You may come across phrases such as: "Trio Raids +1 bow", which means that this team needs one more member for doing a Raids Trio with a Twisted Bow requirement. Simply respond with +0 or in another way to signal that you want to join.

If you're ever unsure what someone means, just ask - not everyone is going to use the same phrases for bossing, and it never hurts to ask.

How to Rank Up

How you rank up basically means how much you've split (see full rules below). The different ranks are as follows: 1 banana, 2 bananas, 3 bananas, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Gold Star. Staff ranks will be covered later - in this section, we will go over 1, 2, 3 bananas and Bronze ranks.

Setting out your rank up thread actually makes quite a difference, if your rank up thread is messy and hard to read a staff member will be less likely to go through the effort of working out whether you can be ranked up.

When creating a rank up thread you must follow this template: Rank Up Thread Template (YOU MUST READ THIS!)

During your trialist period you must make your first rank up thread. Once you have climbed a rank, you have to make the next rank up thread. So in total you have to make 3 rank up threads: a 1-2 Banana thread (Recruit to Corporal), a 2-3 Bananas thread (Corporal to Sergeant) and a 3 Banana to Bronze Thread (Sergeant to Lieutenant). The requirements for each rank are:

  • 1-2 bananas = 200m split
  • 2-3 bananas = 500m split
  • 3 bananas-Bronze = 1b split

The amount split between 1-2 bananas, 2-3 bananas and 3 bananas-Bronze does not carry over, so in total you need to split 1.7b. Should you go over the amount required in one of your rank up threads, that amount is allowed to be carried over to your next rank up thread.

This list includes all the rules that you need to know to determine the amount that counts towards your rank up:

  • Splitting loot only counts towards your rank up if at least 1 Oblivion member is on your team.
  • The general rule of thumb is that when YOU get a drop in YOUR name you get what you split (give away) towards your rank up.
    Spoiler: ExamplesShow
    This rule applies to every DUO boss. This rule doesn't apply to any boss, where the team size is greater than 2 people (Raids, Corp etc.).
  • If an attacker receives a drop when YOU are tanking you get 100% of your received split towards your rank up. This rule applies to Armadyl Bolters, DUO Demonic Gorillas, Bandos AND Zamorak Tanks.
    Spoiler: ExampleShow
  • If YOU receive a drop in YOUR name as the tank you get 150% of your split towards rank up (WHY YOU SHOULD TANK). This rule applies to Armadyl Bolters, DUO Demonic Gorillas, Bandos AND Zamorak Tanks.
    Spoiler: ExampleShow
  • If you are raiding and receive a drop in YOUR name it works like this: Price of Item / Members in team = split towards rank up. This rule also applies to any other boss with teams of more than 2 people other than corp (see below).
    Spoiler: ExampleShow
  • However, this is different for the Corporeal Beast. This is because if YOU receive a drop in a larger team, sometimes it'll be less than if you duo'd a GWD item. It actually works like this: Half the value of the item will go to your rank up thread.
    Spoiler: ExampleShow

There is another way that you can progress to the next rank. Submitting drops to the Oblivion leaderboards gives you an amount towards your rank up, this will be explained thoroughly in the next section.


The Leaderboard works by assigning significant PvM drops point values and for each point you get a certain amount towards your rank up. At the end of the month you can screenshot that amount and include it in your rank up thread in your first post. Submitting to the Monthly Leaderboards is encouraged, but not required. However, submitting to the Leaderboard makes the rank up process a lot faster.


This is where you find the leaderboard section of the website. On that page resides the point values for items, this months Leaderboard, the Overall Leaderboard and a link to the Leaderboards of previous months. When you hover over the link you will also have a drop down option for the form to submit a drop. Make sure you read the submission form closely. If you have never submitted before, you have to ask either Classix, Jumanji or Item to be added to it.

At the end of each month, each person who submitted drops will get a specific amount of their total loot value that can then be used towards their rank-up. Here is an example of one month.


The rank up points column tells you how much you can add towards your rank up thread.



At the top of the page, under Clan Hub, is where you find the guides section of the website. This page includes all the guides created by members of the clan. There should be a guide for almost every PvM method there.


We have a dedicated events team, who host all kind of events from PvM masses to PK trips or even quizzes. Most of the events are on weekends as that is when most of the members are online. Every weekend we also do Raids Masses, where 3 bananas+ ranks are allowed to host these masses throughout the weekend. Every now and then we host competitions with big price pools as well.

You can usually see when the next event is by going to the home page just below the discord symbol or in the #event_announcements channel on Discord.

Gear Checks

Every 2-3 months, as we run out of space on the friends list, we do gear checks for all members. Generally this involves going to a link to a google doc from here on the offsite, and filling in the required portions similar to how you will on your application. Usually, gear checks always come with an increase in requirements, either via an increase in gear, or an increase in EHB (Efficient Hours Bossed).

Those that submit their gear checks properly, and on time, will remain on the friends list at the end of the gear check. Those that fail to submit their gear checks properly, or on time, will either be removed, or deranked, depending on the issue. Those that fail to submit their gear checks on time will need to wait at least 7 days after the gear checks are completed to be readded to the friends list, if there is room. This enables us to process all of the applications that are pending. After the deadline you'll still have a maximum of 1 month to submit your requirements, otherwise you'll have to go through trial again if you decide to re-apply.

Inactivity from Clan

We realize that Runescape itself is just a game, and people have real lives as well. Sometimes, things happen, and you will need to take a break from the game. This isn't an issue, but we do appreciate being let known if you are going to be inactive from the clan for a significant length of time.

Regarding inactivity and the ranking system, we have come up with system for how we will proceed with ranks when people have gone inactive.

  • If you leave the clan, for any reason, and rejoin within 6 months and pass your trial, you will retain your previous rank.
  • If you leave the clan, for any reason, and rejoin after 6 months and pass your trial, you will have to restart your rank up process.
  • If you are kicked from the clan, for any reason, and are allowed back in, you will have to restart your rank up process.

How to become Staff

This section will be brief because there really isn't a definite way to become Staff. Staff members are chosen by higher ups in the clan. The following list includes some desired traits and activities, which are expected from staff members:
Spoiler: How to become StaffShow

If you really want to become a staff member, do these things that get you noticed and for the right reasons, not just because you "want staff" but because you genuinely want to make a valid contribution to Oblivion and you think you can.

If you've read this entire guide, please post #oblv for the answer to the question on your application asking "Any Questions, Comments or Concerns?".

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Guide to Oblivion, or feel anything should be updated, please PM a staff member either on the offsite or in-game. This Guide is manually updated every time we make a change in the clan, so sometimes things are missed, or outdated. We do our best to keep it as up to date as possible, though.