Congratulations to Lucid Dream on winning the March Leaderboards with 1,529  points.

In second place was Duoing with 1,516 points and in third place was Miss Jade with 1,502 points.

New Requirements

With how quickly the friends list is filling up, we are once again forced to do another gear check, with increased requirements.

Clan members should expect a forum post in the near future with more details.

Infernal Cape & Raids 2

Given that the Infernal Cape will be a requirement on October 1, or when Raids 2 is released (whichever comes first), we want to emphasize that if you have not started to already, please start practicing for the Inferno. 

It is entirely possible that Raids 2 will release before October 1. It would be a shame to lose a number of you when Raids 2 releases should you not have the cape yet.

When the requirement comes into effect, there will be absolutely no exceptions regarding being in Oblivion without an Infernal Cape.