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Oblivion PVM  -  We are the #1 Old School Runescape PvM Clan.
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Hello and welcome to the Oblivion PvM clan thread. The largest and most active PvM community on OSRS. Formed in August 2013 with a goal towards acquiring mature, friendly, and experienced players for Corporeal Beast, God Wars, and all other OSRS Bosses such as DKS, KQ, and Wilderness Bosses. We aim to recruit an active community of experienced players from all over the world that are currently maxed combat and that enjoy all PvM experiences the game currently has to offer. Each person is treated equally and is respected as a member of our community. If you are accepted as a member we hope you are a dedicated and active player and a respectful person towards other clan members and other clans. We expect every member to abide by the clan rules found on Post 4 We encourage all of our members to work towards gaining rank up’s and using the offsite. How to gain ranks can be found on the clan’s official forums. We have teams bossing 24/7, if you join you will always be able to get a team, no matter what time of day it is. You must have at least SOME experience in Godwars Dungeon Bossing to be accepted. Each applicant's bossing experience on whether it is good enough to join Oblivion will be decided on by the staff member handling the application.